Help Visitors Feel Welcome

We have such a warm and inviting congregation. Visitors rarely go unnoticed and welcomed. There are some things we all can do to make their experience even better, and to help our leaders follow up with them later that week: 

  • Welcome them with a handshake and a smile before the service, if possible. Let them know that we have fellowship time after the service and that we would love to have them join us.
  • See that they have a bulletin, and then point out the hymnals that we use. If you see them fumbling for the right hymnal or look confused in any other way during the service, quietly offer assistance.
  • If it is a communion Sunday and you are the one passing the bread and wine to them, make sure they know they are welcome to participate. All are welcome at Christ’s table!
  • Guide them to the Friendship Circle at the end of the service, quietly explaining that we sing our final hymn in this manner.
  • Before or after the service, point out the yellow visitor cards in the pews and encourage them to fill one out.
  • Before or after the service, walk them over to the guest book and have them sign in. Encourage them to leave contact information of some sort (phone number, address and/or email). This makes it easier for Pastor Gage to phone them or send a note in the mail thanking them for worshiping with us. Studies have shown that immediate follow-up after a worship service can make all the difference in whether a visitor returns.
  • Again, invite them to fellowship time and escort them downstairs. Don’t leave them alone, but guide them through the line and introduce them to as many people as possible.

Visitors who have a good experience are much more likely to join us in worship again. We all play a part in that good experience!

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