Recycling Changes & Additions

We continue to collect items for recycling, but there are a few changes. 

GLASS – We now take our glass to the Target on Riverdale Drive. If the Target is closer to you than the church, or if you shop there, please take your glass there. The recycling bin is inside the north doors and just past the shopping carts. If you live closer to the church and don’t shop at Target, please continue to bring your glass to the church and put it in the bin in the Chair Room. Someone will make periodic trips to Target to deliver the glass. There is no longer any need to sort the glass by color in our bin.

ELECTRONICS – Target also takes old electronics – cell phones, mp3 players, and that sort of thing. There is now a bin in the Chair Room marked for electronics if you cannot take yours to Target.

PLASTIC – Another bin is marked for plastic – bottles, grocery bags and anything else that is recyclable.

EYEGLASSES – We will now collect old eyeglasses in a bin in the Chair Room. Someone will periodically deliver those glasses to a doctor or organization that sees that they can be used by people less fortunate in our country or overseas.


The greenest ink is the ink you don’t use! So here are a few tips for reducing your ink consumption that will lighten your printing-related environmental impact.

  • Most printer software offers an “express” or “draft” mode setting and you might be surprised how good the quality is. This setting can save up to 25 percent on ink consumption
  • Use an ink-friendly font. A free font called Ecofont can be downloaded at
  • In some software applications such as Excel, Word and various web browsers, you can select an area to print. That way you’ll only print what you need.
  • Look for a “printer friendly” or “print article” feature on web site pages. These will usually generate a version of a page without any advertising, menus etc.
  • Before printing anything, ask yourself: do you really need to?

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