Three New Officers Appointed

The Church Council met on Nov. 20 to take up the business of approving replacements for two church officers. The replacements will fill these positions until elections at our annual January meeting.

Felicia Cornwell has stepped down from the office of Financial Secretary, and Pam Boies left the position of Assistant Moderator. Please join me in thanking both of these wonderful women for their hard work.

Elizabeth Dohrer accepted the nomination for Financial Secretary with the caveat that a second person be assigned to count the offering with her each Sunday. The Council adopted the caveat and because we had a volunteer for assistant to the Financial Secretary, both Elizabeth as Financial Secretary and LaLonde Easter as assistant were unanimously approved by the council.

Mike Talbot accepted the nomination for Assistant Moderator following Pam’s resignation to travel with her husband to warmer climates through the rest of our Utah winter. We will miss Pam and Ed and wish them safe travels with a swift and safe return.

Mike was also approved unanimously, and we want to extend our thanks for his willingness to step into the position of Assistant Moderator. Please join me in welcoming these three new officers and give them your support in any way you can.

— Linda Smith, Moderator

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