Help Us Get More Hymnals

The Sing! hymnal is a collection of praise music published by the United Church of Christ. We have sung several titles from this book over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, our music licensing agreement does not cover the songs in this hymnal, so we can no longer reprint them in the weekly worship bulletin. 

We would like to slowly build up a supply of these paperback hymnals to keep in the pews. They cost is $10.50 each. If you would like to contribute toward buying some, please mark your check “Sing hymnal.” Pastor Gage, Kassie Harbath, Dotty Steimke and the church office have copies of the hymnal if you would like to look it over. We will also set up a display somewhere in the church later this summer.


Our paperback yellow hymnals are dwindling in number (where do they go!?) and becoming frayed at the edges. The printing quality makes it difficult to read some of the lyrics and music. So we are going to make new ones.

In the process, we will be removing rarely used titles and adding some new songs. We may reprint only those songs for which we have permission to copy through our annual licensing fee.

Are there particular songs you want to keep? Are there some that you want to add? Let Pastor Gage or one of the deacons know. We will be printing the new hymnals in August.

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