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Our younger members are a busy bunch. Please celebrate their accomplishments and help them achieve their goals:


Four of our youth were confirmed on May 12: Scooter Chamberlain, Katie Dohrer, Maddie Dohrer and Ben Smith. They are now voting members of the church. More important, they spent nine months examining Christian faith tenets and traditions as well as their own ideas and beliefs about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

On Confirmation Sunday, they read faith statements that they had written and, with the congregation, “confirmed their baptisms.” Jean Chevalier, who previously was confirmed, also joined in the confirmation program. Congratulate them all! 


Vacation Faith School will be held Aug. 5-7 for children 11 and younger and Aug. 8-10 for youth 12 and older. 

“Getting Wet” is the theme for our younger kids. They will gather from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day to learn about the importance of water to ourselves and our world. The theme of “water” will help us look closely at some Bible stories, too. We will make some trips this year, one to the aquarium in Salt Lake City and another to a local pool or splash pad. Plus, the kids will get plenty wet during our activities at the church every day.

“Doctor Who” is the theme for our older youth. They will gather from noon until 7 p.m. (or even later) every day as we prepare a play based on the popular TV series that they will perform the next Sunday during worship. They will weave into the play concepts from a Bible story of the youths’ choice, and make the sets, props and costumes themselves.

Vacation Faith School is free of charge and open to anyone – members, old friends and new ones!

We also are looking for adult helpers for both the kids and youth sessions.


Members of the Navigators USA group that our church co-charters hiked the Waterfall Canyon trail on May 11 and then gathered to receive their first badges. The badges were awarded on the basis of the children’s age groups: Mira for ages 7 and 8; Vega for ages 8 and 9; and Polaris for ages 9 to 10. Our own Gunnar Newbold received a Mira badge, and his sister, Sienna Newbold, received a Polaris badge.

The Navigators steering committee is working to start a Senior Navigators group later this year, which would be open to youth 11 and older.

Please see Nolan Newbold if you have questions, are interested in volunteering with the kids, or know of children who want to participate.


We normally put Sunday School on hiatus during the summer – just like regular school – but this year we will continue offering Sunday morning classes for children 11 and younger during worship. Linda Smith, who leads our Christian education efforts, wants to keep up the momentum we’ve built. The only Sundays we will not hold children’s classes are those Sundays when we gather for Holy Communion, as well as the June 9 baptism. Those are moments in our church’s life in which all ages should be present during worship! 


If it’s summer, it must be time for church camp! We will have three of our youth attending camps at the Rocky Mountain Conference’s La Foret facility near Colorado Springs. Jean Chevalier and Maddie Dohrer will attend MADD Camp (Music, Arts, Drama, Dancing) July 14-20. Scooter Chamberlain will attend Voyager Camp July 21-27. 

Through the youths’ fund-raising efforts, private donations and assistance from the Intermountain Association, we will be able to send all three kids to camp at no cost to their families!

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