Food Service Items Needed

Each month we plan to highlight one or two items that are needed by Share, the local emergency food delivery service. For February we are collecting jars of peanut butter. 

Share makes deliveries based on referrals or calls directly from those in need. The recipients are tracked to prevent repeat deliveries. You’d be surprised how many families find themselves short of funds for food on a temporary basis due to illness, relocation, job loss or other events. Each delivery is made up of perishable and non-perishable foods sufficient to provide four or more days of nutritionally balanced meals, based on family size. Share also provides bags of non-perishable foods to the YCC and Weber Human Services for their needy clients.

We are also collecting CFL light bulbs for the Food Bank throughout the year. Incandescent light bulbs are disappearing because they do not meet the current energy standards. Incandescent bulbs were cheap, but are short-lived and waste energy. The switch to CFL and LED lights is making a difference along with other energy-saving appliances. Homes in the United States now use less energy per home than in the recent past, in spite of all the new electric gadgets we have. But for those who can’t afford sufficient food, replacing a light bulb with one of the newer, more-expensive bulbs is hard, even knowing the newer light bulb will last far longer. Surely we can help with light, as well as food.

Carolyn Somer 

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