Miscellaneous News & Announcements

Shepherd’s Fold: The Shepherd’s Fold is an outreach project of the Episcopal Church of Good Shepherd. One of the most pressing, unmet needs in Ogden is for new and gently used linens. St. Anne’s Shelter and the Weber Housing Authority constantly need linens. The Shepherd’s Fold will collect linens, package them and distribute them to those identified by local charity organizations. The Episcopal Church is accepting donations of good, clean linens, as well as monetary donations to buy linens. To help, call the church at 801-392-8168.

Heifer Project: The Spirited Adult Bible Study Class completed its 2013 Heifer Project early in February after collecting donations during class starting in December. A total donation of $310 was sent to Heifer International, and we specified: 1 goat ($120); 1 sheep ($120); 1 flock of chicks ($20); 1 share of a heifer ($50). Thanks to all who donated. — Marion Horna and Marty Mayo, for the Spirited Adult Bible Study Class

FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE: There is still some Fair Trade Chocolate left from the October Fair Trade Sale. I’m putting that on sale at half-price. The Milk Chocolate Minis should be good for Easter eggs, as well as lunch boxes and desk drawers. I’ve also just ordered some Dark Chocolate Winter Minis that will be discounted as well. The latest order also includes drip grind Columbian, Ethiopian and French Roast coffee. Bags of these will be priced at cost ($6.50 per bag). It’s a very reasonable price for Organic, Fair Trade coffee. All these will be on the table at the back of the sanctuary. — Carolyn Somer 

SOUND SYSTEM: A few individuals have expressed an interest in helping purchase a new sound system. The current system is beginning to show its age, with humming speakers and parts with loose, crackling connections. If you would be interested in contributing to a smaller, more powerful and more efficient system, please see Pastor Gage.

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