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A lot is happening in the U.S. in regards to the LGBT community. A federal judge in Michigan has said it is unconstitutional to restrict same-sex marriages. The attorney general of Kentucky has stated that he will not defend the law banning same-sex unions. A group of Western-state Republicans has sent a statement to the appeals court for Utah and Oklahoma urging the judges not to reinstate laws banning same-sex marriages.

The tide has definitely turned as more and more states are legally allowing same-sex unions. This is great news, even though the wait has been long and tortuous for the LGBT community. Let’s remember that our church, by becoming Open and Affirming, is a part of the movement for freedom of all peoples.

— Marty Mayo 

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Three New York Times articles printed in January provide encouraging information that progress is being made in our nation for equal dignity for all, a dignity enhanced by “responsibilities, as well as rights.”

The first article, written by Adam Liptak and printed Jan. 21, is titled “Sexual Orientation Is No Basis for Jury Exclusion, a Federal Court Appeals Court Rules.” The federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled that gay men and lesbians may not be excluded from juries based on their sexual orientation.

The second, written by Timothy Williams and Trip Gabriel and printed on Jan. 23, is titled “New Virginia Attorney General Drops Defense of Gay Marriage Ban.” The attorney general filed a brief in Federal District Court asking that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage be invalidated, calling the law unconstitutional and oppressive.

The third, printed in the Opinion Pages on Jan. 26, is titled “The Expanding Power of U.S. v. Windsor.” This article discusses the effects of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling last June striking down the core of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, that continue to ripple out. It says that while the Supreme Court has so far declined to decide whether there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, it is increasingly clear that because of its holding in Windsor, the court will be confronted with that issue sooner than later as 17 states now permit same-sex marriage. That number is expected to grow from the recent decisions in Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia.

These three articles show that progress continues to be made in our country for equal dignity for all.

Marion Horna
for Marty Mayo 

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