LGBT People More Likely to Be Uninsured

While the number of uninsured LGBT has decreased since the Affordable Care Act’s provisions requiring Americans to have health insurance, the number of LGBT that are uninsured is greater than non-­LGBT.

The LGBT community is one of the many groups targeted by the Obama administration for enrollment for health insurance. Both LGBT and non-­LGBT populations saw a drop in their uninsured status, but the gap remains.

One possible reason for this gap is that LGBT adults are significantly more likely to report that they did not have enough money to purchase health insurance (25 percent of LGBT adults as compared with 17 percent of non-­LGBT).

LGBT women are nearly twice as likely as non-­LGBT women to lack a personal physician. The gap between LGBT men and non-­LGBT men was not found to be significant.

What are the implications from this study for our church? We can support politicians and policy proposals that work for equity for the LBGT community nationally. We can find out more about the health needs of our local LGBT community.

I propose that we form an ongoing group to address these issues. I am willing to be a member of this group. It is one thing to say we are Open and Affirming and another thing to become actively involved. Anyone else who is interested please contact me.

Gary J. Gates is a Williams Distinguished Scholar at the Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, and is the source for the above information.

— Marty Mayo

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