Ecclesiastical Council

The Intermountain Association UCC, of which our church is a part, will convene Ecclesiastical Councils for Lorrie Gaffney (who will be our guest preacher on Nov. 2) and Topher Melhoff (who will be our guest preacher on Dec. 28) on Saturday, Nov. 22, at Holladay United Church of Christ.

An Ecclesiastical Council is a gathering of the churches in a UCC association for the purpose of hearing a Member in Discernment make his or her case for ordination. There is an opportunity to ask questions. The association members present (both clergy and lay) then vote whether to approve the candidate for ordination.

The Ecclesiastical Council is the last step before ordination for most Members in Discernment (this is the label for folks who seek ordination). By this step, the MiD usually has spent time “in care” of her or his home church and the Intermountain Association; completed seminary and attained a Master of Divinity degree; and written and defended an ordination paper before the Church and Ministry Committee.

Please consider attending. The Ecclesiastical Council is the most serious business that our association conducts, as we are vetting candidates for ministry in the name of the whole UCC. It’s also fun! We get a chance to meet or reconnect with folks from sister churches, and we get to celebrate UCC ministry and the people who are called to fill the role of ordained clergy.

Holladay UCC will provide a continental breakfast, and we will begin the first council promptly at 11:00 AM. We will adjourn for lunch at 12:15. (Everyone is on their own for lunch, so either bring a brown bag or plan to venture a few blocks away to downtown Holladay, where there are several tasty options.) We will reconvene at 1:15 for the second council.

See Pastor Gage if you are interested in participating.

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