Stewardship Campaign: UP!

Drink up. Soak up God’s blessings as they fall upon us.
Open up. All are welcome. God’s blessings stream through us and beyond us into our community.
Lift up. We celebrate each other’s blessings and offer support in times of sorrow, lifting all to God.
Look up. Recognize each blessing. Expand and share our vision of what could be.

Each fall we pledge our stewardship for the coming year. Please reflect on your own blessings during this time and prayerfully consider your pledge.

The number of people pledging in 2013 exceeded the number pledging in 2012, a blessing indeed!

Many projects targeted a year ago have been completed. A current goal is to meet our expenses without withdrawing from savings in the coming year.

Keep up the faith: God’s nourishing rain will continue to fall. Let us grow in our usefulness to our God from whom all blessings flow, in our usefulness to the Christ we see in each other, in our ability to see and serve Christ in “the least of these” among us.

Please return your pledge cards to the church office or place them in the collection plate on Sunday by Nov. 9 and then join in the commitment and consecration of our pledges during worship that day.

— Assistant Moderator Jennifer Elwell



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