Building the Kingdom

CLOTHES FOR KIDS: Our January mission project was collecting clothes for children in Kelly Ferry’s third-grade class. As of Jan. 24, we delivered 33 pairs of pants, 16 tops, three hats, one scarf and 10 pairs of socks. As Marion Horna, who organized the effort, said: “Cheers for all these donations for Kelly’s kids from our congregation.”

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE: Back in November, People Helping People’s office was robbed of all its hygiene kits. Elizabeth Dohrer suggested that we donate the hundreds of kits we had left over from the Community Meal to People Helping People. Here is the note we received in return:

“Thank you so much! The true value of a person is not measured in what they do, but in what they give. Thanks for sharing your resources with us. It means more than you know. Sincerely, People Helping People, Weber/Davis County, Judy Kasten Bell and LeAnn Dickerson”

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