Frazier Fund

At the Jan. 12 Board of Directors meeting, we discussed the memorial donations we received in 2015, including an undesignated $100 donation in memory of Wendell Frazier. Wendell was a friend to all of us, having served as a Board member since 2005. We all remember him as someone who looked out for others and was quick to help in any way he could. He certainly looked after one particular member, providing rides and meals many times.

One of Wendell’s last concerns was how this member would continue to manage her home, which is showing signs of wear. Most immediately, the carport roof is leaking and sagging. To help with this need and in honor of Wendell, the Board voted to establish an ongoing Wendell Frazier Memorial Fund to assist church members with household repairs. The Board of Directors will manage the fund and decide which repairs to undertake. This will be unlike the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, which is managed by our Pastor, and serves to help church members and friends with immediate, crisis situations.

To get this rolling, we invite designated donations to this Fund in memory of Wendell. In the spring, we will arrange for the carport repair and hold a work party at the above-mentioned member’s house to help with other minor outdoor repairs and painting. This seems like a fitting way to honor a dear friend.

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