Changes in Sunday School

Attention, Parents!

Our Sunday School format is changing a little bit this year. Our children will still be organized into three classes, but one class will meet at a new time.

     * Starfish (ages 4 to 6) will continue to have class during the worship service.

     * Dolphins (ages 7 to 9) also will have class during the worship service.

     * Stingrays (ages 10 and older) will now attend the entire worship and then meet for about 20 minutes after the service. Class will be held either in the sanctuary or in the Cottage; details are still being worked out.

Why the change? We don’t have enough teachers to sustain three separate classes at the same time. Now the Starfish or Dolphin teacher can transition over to the Stingrays after worship, meaning we need only two teachers every week.

The new format begins Sept. 10. Let us know how you think it’s going!

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