Grubby Work Week

The close of summer brings the time to get our buildings and grounds prepped for the coming fall and winter. We’ll have a “Grubby Work Week” Sept. 11-17 (Monday through Sunday), and you are invited – and ENCOURAGED – to drop by sometime that week to do some work. By doing it ourselves, we save on the costs of paying someone else to do it for us! Here is a list of some chores that you might attack:


     * Sort and clean basement hall closet

     * Make cover for the chair stand

     * Sort and clean kitchen cupboards

     * Finish painting Sunday School room

     * Wash windows (inside and out)

     * Seal the concrete cap on the west side of the Narthex

     * Clean, scrape and paint gray trim around church


     * Pull vines from the juniper bushes

     * Trim junipers under the church sign

     * Trim small trees and shrubs around the yard (haul away the cuttings)

     * Haul away the branches lying along the hill driveway

     * Trim arborvitae and dogwood around church

     * Weed, power clean and paint stripes in parking lot

 If you need supplies or want to be assigned to a work group, just call the church office and we’ll fix you up.

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