Who We Are

Congregational United Church of ChristWe are a progressive Christian community that has been part of the Ogden community for more than 125 years.

We celebrate diversity through our warm and inclusive welcome. In our worship and in our lives, we believe that God is still speaking and that the risen Christ lives in and among us.

We strive to follow Jesus’ message of justice, acceptance, inclusiveness and love.

What We Believe — Our members and friends hold a wide range of beliefs, from traditional to progressive.

Leadership Teams — Congregational UCC has three groups — the Church Council, Board of Deacons and Board of Directors — that make decisions, plan events and generally run the church.

Staff — Pastor Gage Church, Church Secretary Eve-Lynn Detterman and Accompanist Kassie Harbath help keep our church running smoothly.

History of Our Churcha continuing series by Dr. Gordon Harrington, professor emeritus of history at Weber State University

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