History of Congregational United Church of Christ, Ogden
A Continuing Series by Dr. Gordon Harrington

Copyright, 2011, Gordon Harrington

In 2008, our Congregational Church in Ogden, Utah, celebrated its 125th anniversary. During the past century and a quarter, the church has had a lively presence and a significant influence in the city of Ogden and surrounding communities in northern Utah. As one might expect, during such a long continuum, both the church and the broader Ogden community have experienced profound changes. On more than one occasion both have had to determine new directions to maintain their vitality and continuity. Such is the case at the present moment. At a point in time when Ogden is searching for renewal so also is our church. Over the next year or more we as a church will be attempting to fathom what we are and what we should become in succeeding decades.

As part of this process of discovery it is appropriate that we determine what we have accomplished in the past. Ours is a rich history. It is worthy to be considered as a component of new directions. Therefore, over the next many months, Dr. Gordon Harrington, who has been collecting materials on our history, will author a series of short articles, which will appear as inserts in the church newsletter. Members may wish to collect these inserts for reference in considering the future of the church. Contributions from members who may have memories of their own of what has happened at the church over the last century and a quarter would be welcome.

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