Leadership Teams

Congregational UCC has three groups that make decisions, plan events and generally run the church. They are:

Church Council – The Church Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month to coordinate schedules and make decisions in-between full congregational meetings. The members are: Gary Dohrer (moderator), Jennifer Elwell (assistant moderator), Jeannine Heppler (clerk), Carolyn Somer (treasurer and chair of the Board of Deacons), Elizabeth Dohrer (financial secretary), Gary Smith (chair of the Board of Directors) and Pastor Gage, who serves ex-officio (with no vote).

Board of Deacons – The Deacons are in charge of church life, from fellowship and recreation events, to mission opportunities, to Christian education coordination, to providing the pastor with help in worship. The Deacons meet on the first Tuesday of the month. The members are: Carolyn Somer (chair), Ruth Geisler, Ken Griffith, Teddy Griffith, Kim Harbath, Slim Jolley, Marty Mayo, Dotty Steimke and Tom Szalay. Pastor Gage serves ex-officio.

Board of Directors – The Directors oversee the church budget and property. They approve expenditures for upkeep, improvements and repairs of the church buildings and grounds, often doing the work themselves. They meet on the second Tuesday of the month. The members are: Gary Smith (chair), Ben Cornwell, Madelon Damon, Wendell Frazier, Jeannine Heppler and Abby Zeller. Pastor Gage serves ex-officio.

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