Grubby Sunday

We’ll hold a “Grubby Sunday” after worship on Sunday, April 24.

Come to church dressed in your working clothes and we’ll attack projects both inside and outdoors. There will be something to do for every ability level, and we’ll even have pizza for lunch!

Doing the work ourselves relieves us of the cost of hiring from outside. Plus, many hands make light – and fun – work!

Star Party & Wildlife Walk

Ogden Valley’s North Fork Park was certified in May as a Starry Sky area. In September there will be two events on Saturday evenings:

* STAR PARTY: On Sept. 12, starting at 8:00 PM, the Star Party will have telescopes from Weber State University and the Huntsville Library.

* WILDLIFE WALK: On Sept. 26, starting at 6:30 PM, the Wildlife Walk will have Utah Division of Wildlife Resources folks with hides and skull of animals and audio calls from birds to get some conversations going with our fine-feathered friends.

The events are free, and you can contact Marion Horna for additional information