Vacation Faith School


Save your gallon milk jugs! The kids at VFS will be making an igloo!

“Making Home” is the theme of our 2016 Vacation Faith School, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 27-30 (Monday-Thursday). Our kids and guests will learn:

  • All of God’s creatures have homes that suit them.
  • The church is our faith home.
  • Our family home is where we learn, grow and love.
  • Some people don’t have homes. Why is that, and what we can do to help?

We’ll have crafts, games, activities, music, story time, snacks and lunch. Finally, we’ll top it all off with a campout on the church grounds the night of Thursday, June 30.

Parents and grandparents: Call the office to register your child(ren). We’re asking for a $10 donation-per-child to help cover the cost of food and supplies. Scholarships are available.

Volunteers: We need folks to help plan, set up, supervise and prepare snacks and lunch. See Pastor Gage or Susan Smith if you can help.

All God’s Creatures

animalsOur kids will have a beastly good time at this year’s Vacation Faith School – “All God’s Creatures.” One is never too young to start learning the importance of stewarding our resources, and we’ll do that by looking at different animals and their habitats.

Animals play an important part in many Bible stories, and we’ll learn a few of those stories, too. Our leaders,
Elizabeth and Gary Dohrer, are planning all kinds of fun activities, including God’s Playground and some very special visitors. Plus, we’ll have lots of crafts and games and music and fun. Lunch will be served.

VFS runs Monday and Tuesday, July 20-21. All kids potty-trained through sixth grade will start at 9:00 AM both days. Kids 5 and younger will finish at 12:30 PM. The older kids will then go on an outing each day, finishing at 4:00 PM.

Please call the church office (801-392-5012) to register your children.

Mystery Mystic Trip

A group of nine youths and adults from Wasatch Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City will be staying overnight at our church July 12-15. Topher Melhoff, a guest speaker at our church in the past, is leading his youth group on a “Mystery Mystic Trip.” They will travel all over Utah finding the spiritual significance in everyday places. If you would like to help make dinner for them on the evening of Sunday, July 12, please see Pastor Gage.