Child Safety Policy

All volunteers who work with children at Congregational UCC must fulfill the following requirements: 

    • Have attended the church for at least 6 months prior to volunteering with children.
    • Not appear as a registered sex offender on the official website.
    • Not be alone with a child in the ministries of Congregational UCC (unless the child is a member of their family or has been placed in their care by family members). There should always be two adults in a classroom.
    • When it is absolutely impossible to have two adults in a classroom or other situation involving children, follow the “open door” policy. This means that the adult and child(ren) meet and perform activities in a community area with doors open and free access for anyone to see the activity.
    • Attend the training required of all child-care and education volunteers and staff.
    • Sign a covenant following this training that indicates that they understand and agree to follow abuse prevention and reporting rules.

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