Exploring Faith Confirmation Class

Exploring Faith is a program to help our youth better understand faith.

Churches often call this process “confirmation,” but Exploring Faith is less about indoctrination into a certain faith community and more about giving students the tools they will need for a lifetime of applying matters of faith to their own lives. The ethics, morality and particulars of Christianity will be the main focus of the studies. Students will also get some exposure to other world religions in a comparative and respectful way. The arts, writing, current events and pop culture will also be woven into the curriculum.

Exploring Faith comes in two parts: monthly two-hour sessions and periodic daylong retreats.

The monthly sessions will meet after church in the cottage. The sessions will be heavy on discussion and role playing. Topics will be:

  • World Religions
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Religion and Pop Culture
  • Religion and Everyday Life
  • Lent and Easter
  • Difficult Questions
  • Spirituality

Four daylong retreats will be held on Saturdays throughout the academic year. At these retreats, the youth will delve deeper into core topics of Christianity and faith in general.

The sessions will include some worship, discussion, role playing, quiet time to think, guest speakers and field trips. Retreat topics are:

  • A Life in a Faith
  • God the Creator, Seeker, Saver, Judge and One Who Loves Us
  • Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Spirituality
  • Our Personal Gifts

Presentation Sunday will be held in church on May 19. Each Exploring Faith participant will create a presentation that illustrates her or his faith.

The presentations might be reading an essay, showing and describing artwork, performing music and explaining how it relates to the student’s faith – or something different entirely. Creativity will be encouraged.

The young participants will be seeking mentors for the year. If one asks you to fill that role, please prayerfully consider walking this journey with him or her.

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