Equal Exchange

Did you know that the products sitting on the table in the back of church represent a whole lot more than continuing a good coffee time at home? It’s true! Each item that is sold through Equal Exchange, SERRV and the other fair trade organizations provides opportunities, self-worth, and pride for families of small farmers around the world.

How? Simply by making sure that every person involved from start to finish is considered and compensated for their efforts. As a church that celebrates and petitions for equality for others, these products fit our mission. And isn’t it good to know that you can make a difference by simply enjoying high-quality products you already love and use daily?

Over Easter, I had the rare opportunity to sell these wonderful products and educate people about the Fair Trade movement at this year’s National Atheist Conference. Seems like a strange way to spend your Easter when you are a Christian, I know, but I think that it provided me with a unique way to show God’s love to others who have been hurt by church-going folks in the past. After all, you never know what can come from a conversation over coffee.

If you have any questions about Equal Exchange or any of the new products in the back of church (left over from that conference), please let me or Carolyn Somer know.

— Thanks! Lisa Brown 

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