Green Initiatives

A 2009 book discussion group on The Climate Diet spurred our development of Green Initiatives within our church. Thanks to Ed and Pam Boies for getting us started!

Green Tip of the Month

Reuse and recycle waste, and compost food waste to reduce the rubbish destined for landfill sites. If you don’t have one, consider buying or making a composter. The average U.S. household produces about 4.5 pounds of solid waste per day. Landfill sites are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, with every pound of solid waste generating 2 pounds of greenhouse gases. Composting is methane-free and does not produce carbon. For information about composting and buying composters, see:

This “Eco Tip” is from 2011 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast Day 9.

Glass Recycling

Remember to bring your glass for recycling at any time. There are bins for each color of glass downstairs in the church’s east closet (by the classroom). Ed and Pam will take the glass for Recycling in Smithfield as the bins fill up.

Please help our recyclers!

  • No corks or lids on bottles and jars.
  • Please rinse bottles, jars and cans, only clean ones can be accepted.
  • Put glass in the bins marked clear, brown, and green in the downstairs storage room where the chairs are stored at the east end of the social hall.

Aluminum Can Recycling

Julie Chamberlain and family will pick up, crush and deliver our aluminum cans to a recycling center. Please bring them to the trash can between the two dumpsters at the east end of the parking lot. Money from recycled aluminum cans goes to St. Anne’s Center in Ogden. Thanks to Julie, Daniel, Karoline, Serena and Scooter!

Energy Audit

In December 2009 we had Steve Ritchey of Utah Interfaith Power and Light come to the church and do an Energy Audit of both our church building and Cottage. He provided a detailed report, from quick and easy to more extensive and costly, which we can gradually implement over the next few years. Thanks to Utah Interfaith Power and Light for providing this program for Utah congregations.

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