One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing, the refugee, relief and development offering of the United Church of Christ, transforms lives through health, education, agricultural, and emergency relief initiatives in 138 countries. [Learn more at

Perhaps Jesus knew that one of our greatest challenges as human beings would be to understand our oneness – and that is why one of his very last acts was to pray for unity (John 17:20-23). It reminds us that we are so intimately connected to Jesus, and thus to God, that we could never be apart. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever separate us from God. We are of God. When we understand that we are of God, created by none other than the Creator of all creation, and that we are thus beloved, we reconnect to ourselves, to one another and to our divine parent.

We can help the world to reconnect, too. By the grace of God and the model of Jesus our Christ, we can, as the Church, build bridges out of conflict, create spaces where people can love and connect, where we remember whose we are and that we are truly already one in Christ. Imagine what the world would be like if we chose, consistently, to model this unity.

For almost seven decades, One Great Hour of Sharing has made a difference in the lives of people and communities around the world by pooling resources, leveraging funds and serving through partnerships.

Gifts given through this special offering empower people in poverty to learn a trade, raise their own food, and grow in faith. United in Christ, we help to provide access to healthy food, good education, excellent health care, and shelter after devastating storms. Each time a gift is given, a connection is made that builds a bridge or tears down walls. Each resource shared answers God’s call to love our neighbor, because in Christ Jesus, we are one family.

Christ’s work in the world healed the sick, fed the hungry and brought hope to communities burdened by challenges. The legacy lives on. Give generously to this great connector of our churches and our shared faith, work, and witness in the world. Give generously, for as long as a sister or a brother is in need, we are all in need. Thank you for your leadership.

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