10,000 Lives!

10,000! That’s about how many lives this congregation has touched in the past twelve months!

From the Community Meal to the Fair Trade Sale to the AIDS Day Dinner to worship services at theVeterans Home to our Easter Service at Beus Pond Park to our donations for the food bank to serving atOgden Rescue Mission, we have touched the lives of so many people – most of whom we haven’t even met!

Our donations to Church World ServiceYCCNeighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing and so many others have spread the light of God’s hope.

Residents at Harrison Regent have heard us sing and our legislators have heard us lobby.

Our support of the Rocky Mountain Conference and the national UCC is magnified around the country and the world.

We send our kids to summer camp, and they touch the lives of their fellow campers and counselors. Our individual members serve on committees, boards and charitable organizations. The reach of our little church on the hill is a miracle.

As we embark on our annual Stewardship Pledge Campaign, we are energized by the knowledge that we are like a pebble dropped into a pond.

The ripples multiply and expand far beyond what we can even imagine.

— Pastor Gage

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