Bricks and Souls

September 2015


An old – and wise – adage is that a church consists of the people and not the building where the people meet. The church is made up of souls, not bricks and mortar. So true!

There’s one hitch: We do own property. We have two buildings and some beautiful grounds for which we are responsible. Fifty-plus years of use, wear-and-tear and the cascading effects of water damage have left us with significant repair and maintenance issues. We also wonder whether our current configuration serves the needs of our congregation and its mission.

We decided at a congregational meeting in July to step back and consider our buildings, our grounds, our mission and our future with the intent of discerning what to do with our property. We have three basic directions from which to choose:

1) Remain on the current path, caring for our buildings and grounds as best we can within our current budget and making repairs when emergencies arise.

2) Sell the property and meet elsewhere, either by renting, buying a different facility, or building a new facility.

3) Invest significantly in our current property with upgrades, remodeling, in-depth repairs and/or new construction.

The good news is that we are not in a crisis situation as we make these decisions. Too many churches wait to address these issues until their backs are against the wall in regard to their deteriorating resources. We are working from a position of strength: Strength of will, strength of faith, strength of care.

I hope you will take part in the coming discussions and decision-making. It’s not just about bricks and mortar; we steward our capital resources so that they can best support our mission of living into the Kingdom of God right here in our community. It IS about souls!

— In Christ’s peace, Pastor Gage

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