Christmas All Year (Jan. 2012)

Feeling a bit of post-holiday letdown? We spend weeks (sometimes months!) preparing for Christmas. We shop, decorate, wrap, bake, sing, worship, pray. We often feel closer to God than at any other time of year. We pull out our wallets and open our hearts. We take care of those who are less fortunate. 

Then the calendar turns to a new year. That is when the less-fortunate ones and the people who make it their business to help them feel the true post-holiday letdown. Donations of money, food and clothing plummet. That’s why our Christmas mission of providing essentials to the Ogden Rescue Mission extends through February, and perhaps even beyond.

After all, the hope, peace, love and joy that came with the birth of Christ last forever, even in the bleak midwinter. May you continue to feel the warming glow of Christmas throughout this new year.

— Pastor Gage

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