Looking for Thin Places

The Rev. Dr. Ivy Beckwith, harkening back to the ancient Celts, describes “thin places” as “places on Earth ‘where the veil between this world and the other world is thin.’ Thin places call to you and draw you in and you realize that in that moment – in that place – there is little division between the holy and the ordinary.”

It is my belief that thin places are not limited to geographic locations. Particular music, poetry and even people can be thin “places.” Any place or thing that is infused with spiritual energy and emotion could be a thin place.

I plan to spend part of my vacation seeking out those places, people and things that help me realize how thin the division is between the holy and the ordinary. I’m going to visit family and friends, places of certain meaning, and even a cemetery or two that hold special places in my heart. I look forward to reporting back to you what I learn and experience on this journey. May you be well during our time apart.

— Love, Pastor Gage 

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