Moving Forward (Nov. 2012)

We’ve almost made it to the end of the 2012 political campaign season. Election Day is nearly upon us, and we can all give thanks that radio, television and internet ads will soon return to the comfortable topics of toilet paper and diet soda. 

This is an important election, as most are, as we decide on the future of our nation, state, cities and schools. But I will be so glad on Nov. 7 because we will finally be out of the holding pattern that sets in during election seasons. For weeks and months, our leaders remain frozen in fear that anything they do might trigger a backlash that would result in their expulsion from office. And so our country sits and waits while our problems barrel forward with nothing to slow them down.

Unlike our earthly systems, the Kingdom of God refuses to be put in a holding pattern. The Kingdom, or Reign, of God builds every day toward its eventual fruition. We see it every day as Martin Luther King Jr.’s “arc of the moral universe … bends toward justice.” We see it when hungry people are fed, when victims of abuse find protection and relief, when people of minority sexual orientations obtain the rights enjoyed by the majority, when people in developing countries make a decent living because people in the developed countries are willing to pay them a decent price for their goods.

Modeling God’s Kingdom, or Reign, our own church refuses to be put in a holding pattern. This faith community is putting head and heart together as we find ways to be a just, fair, inclusive and safe sanctuary for people who struggle to find a place where they are accepted and treated as equal children of God. Where the language used in worship doesn’t pummel their minds in the same way that fists have pummeled their bodies in abusive homes. Where their families are welcomed and embraced, no matter how many parents they have, and no matter the gender of those parents.

Our covenant says that we seek to recognize “God’s Spirit in all.” As you head to the polls on Nov. 6, please keep in mind the arc of the moral universe. And on Nov. 7, no matter who wins the election, remember that the arc bends toward justice. And remember that God is calling all of us to make that happen.

In Christ’s Peace, Pastor Gage 

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