Resurrection: Beyond the Tomb

April 2016

We have emerged from the contemplative and repenting season of Lent into the season of resurrection.

Creation reminds us of this transition every day as we witness life re-emerging from the lockdown of winter.

Our church calendar reminds us of the change as we begin to read stories about the disciples after they have experienced the risen Christ.

Perhaps our souls, too, remind us of resurrection, as they “remember” what it was like to be crucified, to be entombed and to be freed. Almost like genetic code, the experience of resurrection is imprinted somewhere deep within us. Along with Christ, we are resurrected.

We are resurrected when we join in the body of Christ – the church – to be God’s hands and feet and voice in the world. We are resurrected when we offer our time and talents and treasure to lift up those whom the world beats down. We are resurrected when we push back against the culture of death and torture and oppression. We are resurrected when we bring new life into the world and nurture it, foster it and help it grow.

And we are resurrected beyond our earthly life, when our work here is done, when we join with God in some way we cannot yet know. We walk alongside Christ, and we know: Death is overcome. We are the resurrection.

May the Peace of Christ be with you. Pastor Gage

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