Setting Our Path (May 2012)

Jesus knew where he was going. He had a clear vision of his purpose and what lay ahead. And he marched ahead, aware that parts of his mission would be painful and parts glorious. He never lost sight of his goals and calling. 

As Jesus’ followers, it is important that we, too, know where we are going, that we know our purpose and goals. As a smaller church, we have limited resources of time, energy and money. This makes planning even more important, so that our resources are focused on the missions and activities dearest to our hearts and not scattered ineffectively over too wide a target.

Toward that end, our church is about to embark on an adventure of discernment and goal-setting. The Church Council has authorized me to assemble a Visioning Group, which will set one-year, three-year and five-year goals for worship, mission, fellowship, buildings and grounds, evangelism, pastoral care, finances and growth. We will seek input from the entire congregation and present a final recommendation at a congregational meeting near the end of the summer.

Interested in being a part of the Visioning Group? Let me know, or add your name in the Sign-up Book. We will work hard, have a lot of fun and set our church’s direction for the foreseeable future.

Whatever path we take, let us walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

— Blessings, Pastor Gage 

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