Someone Who’s Worth the Wait (Dec. 2011)

Hurry up and wait! Slow down and do something! Wait patiently for the coming of Christ! Hurry up and prepare the way of the Lord! God is here! God is coming! What are we to make of the contradictory and conflicting messages of Advent? 

Don’t let the conflict tie you up. Like so many things involving God, we aren’t meant to understand completely. Sometimes we have to just settle into the mystery and enjoy it.

Enjoy knowing that hope lies ahead.

Enjoy knowing that hope lies within you.

Enjoy knowing that God so loves this world – including you – that God is sending something precious our way.

Enjoy knowing that you have a lifetime to prepare your heart for Christ.

Enjoy knowing that you can prepare your heart for Christ right now.

Enjoy knowing that God is coming.

Enjoy guessing what unexpected form God might take. At Christmas we celebrate the dirt-poor infant born in a dirty manger. This time around God might take the form of a hungry man weeping at a free community dinner. Or a laid-off, middle-age woman who can’t find a job. Or a child in Somalia, ribs sticking out and stomach distended from starvation. Or a soldier, scared and cold, far from home. Or a ten-year-old girl kidnapped from her family and sold as a sex slave.

Jesus reminded us that the way we treat the “least of these” is how we treat God. In this Advent season, as we prepare the way for God, may we prepare the way for ALL of God, even the “least of these.”

Pastor Gage

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