The Next Step on the Way

May 2014

Christ is risen! (Christ is risen indeed!)

So, what now?

During Advent, we prepared for the arrival of our Savior.

At Christmas, we celebrated his birth.

During the first few months of 2014, we read the Gospel of John, hearing this particular interpretation of Jesus’ life. We considered the two halves of life, and how transitioning from the first to the second is something akin to being “born anew.”

During Lent, we readied ourselves for his trials, his passion, his crucifixion and his resurrection. We tried taking off the masks we use to hide ourselves from God. We tentatively poked our noses out of the tombs we live in, getting an idea of what spiritual freedom might feel like.

During Holy Week, we followed in Jesus’ footsteps as he partook of the Passover meal, prepared his disciples for his departure, was betrayed, arrested, tortured and executed. We waited eagerly and anxiously for his return.

On Easter, we rejoiced at the resurrection, not only of the Christ, but also of ourselves. We are transformed with Christ in the resurrection, made into something new.

On the Sunday after Easter, we received the Holy Spirit along with the disciples as Jesus breathed his peace upon us before ascending to God.

So, what now?

Now we fill the containers of our lives with the life that God intends for us. We fill them with lives of justice, compassion, mercy, grace, courage and love. We fill them with thoughts and actions that honor what Christ did for us, what Christ means to us. We live as an example of what Christian love can be.

Meanwhile, we keep an eye out for those who might be well-served in this little faith community. We watch for people who are hurting, people who have been damaged by the world and need a safe place to heal and encounter God. We invite them into our midst. We welcome them with warm hospitality and sincere acceptance.

What now? Now we live the best we can and love the most we can. How blessed we are!

Peace and love, Pastor Gage 

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