Transformation and Resurrection

March 2014

Christianity is a faith of transformation. Our very existence as a faith tradition springs from the Resurrection – the transformation of Jesus to Christ. The Resurrection transformed a small, rag-tag band of one rabbi’s followers into a lasting and meaningful church. The Resurrection transforms us, too, in this day and age.

As we enter the season of Lent we have the opportunity to contemplate what the Resurrection means for us. We approach Easter with solemnity and honesty, exploring the faith within ourselves and what our faith calls us toward in the world outside us.

What do you believe about the Resurrection of Christ? Was Jesus’ body reanimated to physically walk again? Or is the Resurrection more symbolic, as the body of Christ (the church) rose up in life after the death of Jesus? Or do you believe something in-between?

How does your belief in the Resurrection affect your personal faith system as a follower of Jesus? Does it make any difference one way or another to you, and why – or why not?

These are some basic, deep and difficult questions to ponder. And they are just the tip of the iceberg. I invite you to make time for individual contemplation this Lenten season, and to make an effort to engage others (including me!) in conversation about what it means to be Christian, to follow Christ, to be a part of the Resurrection.

Peace and love,
Pastor Gage 

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