Transformation Through Discernment

February 2014

The Christian life is one of transformation as we strive to answer God’s call to move toward that which is best for us and the world. 

Richard Rohr’s theory is that we live two halves of life: In the first, we build the “container” of life, and in the second, we fill the container with its contents. But how are we to choose what to fill it with?

The spiritual practice of “Discernment” is one way to decide. In The Way of Discernment, Elizabeth Liebert defines “discernment” as “seeking God’s call in the midst of decisions that mark one’s life.”

Seeking to intentionally become aware of how God is present, active, and calling us as individuals and communities allows us to respond with increasingly greater faithfulness. Leibert writes: “Discernment means making a discriminating choice between two or more good options, seeking the best for this moment. These choices, while personal and conditional, are set within the community of faith and honor our previous well-made decisions. Discernment does not bring absolute certainty, but rather operates in a climate of faith.” When we discern, we take into account intuition, reason, the results of past decisions, information we have gathered and prayer.

So, to transform from our first half of life to the second, we must discern with what we will fill our life’s container. Discernment also comes into play in less momentous events as we learn to take into consideration God’s call in all of life’s decisions and moments.

Beginning in March, and through the season of Lent, we will offer a weekly class on discernment. We will learn some techniques and help one another in making some God-centered decisions. Watch for details.

In the meantime, I invite you to open your heart and mind to the transformation happening in your life at this very moment. Look closely and you’ll see a bit of the Divine Love in there.

Peace and love,

Pastor Gage 

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