With Doors Wide Open (Jan. 2013)

Our church has spent a lot of time lately opening doors.

In December, the kids opened the doors on the Advent calendar and watched the Nativity unfold with each new day.

At Christmas, we opened the doors to our hearts and invited in the hope, peace, joy and love of Jesus.

In the past several months, we opened the doors to new visions and possibilities. We said we are prepared to make the changes necessary to ensure that our church is a safe place for all people – particularly lesbian and gay folks, women, and those who have been abused and battered.

We opened the doors of our minds to new ways of helping usher in God’s Realm here on Earth.

Our doors are standing wide open.

So now what?

Now we act on those new visions and possibilities, the joy and peace, the new ways of helping. In our opened hearts, we nurture those strangers who appear at the door, peeking inside and wondering, “What’s it like in there?” In our opened sanctuary, we wrap ourselves around those who are hurting physically and spent emotionally, and we protect them.

Now we multiply the love of God and the hope of Christ by spreading them, using them, flinging them wildly all over the place. By making sure that everyone gets some.

Now is when we act on the open doors. Otherwise, we will forget why we ever opened them in the first place. We will notice a draft. We will get a little chilly. And we will close them again.

What a sad shame that would be.

Christ’s peace be with you,

Pastor Gage 


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