Art of Shirley Dickinson

Shirley loves to paint Western landscapes, especially in the area around Grand Junction, Colo., as well as in Utah and Arizona. “I love nature!” she says. “Whatever I see I just want to keep.” She generally takes a photograph of the scene and then does the painting in her studio. “You try to capture the feeling of the place,” she says. “It’s just like being back there as you paint it.”

Her mother painted, and Shirley says she grew up smelling oil paints. “I started at her knee, doing what she was doing. She did everything. She was multi-talented.” Shirley started painting seriously in high school and took some commercial art classes. She has continued her training through numerous workshops, and has shown her work in several shows. She works in watercolors and oils.

“You are totally involved in every part of it,” she says of the artistic process. “You forget the rest of the world. I don’t know of anything that totally involves you more than painting does. It’s wonderful therapy.”

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  1. What talent! The one of Cisco, Utah reminds me of living on the plains of Colorado. These pictures feel like you could step right into them.

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