Gender & Domestic Abuse Team

The Gender and Domestic Abuse Team is working with the YCC regarding what our church can do regarding abuse. The team expects to have a YCC representative speak to the congregation sometime soon about that organization’s needs and volunteer opportunities. (The YCC houses a shelter for battered women.) The team is also discussing whether and how to use inclusive language in our worship services – including Bible readings and the Lord’s Prayer.

The team was created by the Congregation to consider ways of making our church a safe and welcoming place for men and women, as well as a spiritual refuge for people who have been in abusive situations. 

If you are interested in being a part of this team, see Pastor Gage. The people who have signed up are Steve DamonDavid GuymonKim HarbathSteve HoldsambeckSlim JolleyMarty Mayo and Craig Odekirk.

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