We are a friendly, informal congregation. Our worship services are equally friendly and accessible to people ranging from lifelong Christians to faith seekers of all kinds.

We sing joyfully, pray intensely and share the words and teachings of our faith leader, Jesus. We celebrate the love and mercy of our God.

Our Worship Services are held each Sunday at 11 a.m. and are followed by Fellowship Time. Holy Communion is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.

What We Believe

Our members and friends hold a wide range of beliefs, from traditional to progressive. It would be impossible to encapsulate the spectrum of views regarding the divine. Continue reading →

Progressive Christianity

Pastor Gage Church preaches from a standpoint of Progressive Christianity. There are eight points to Progressive Christianity. Continue reading →

Process Theology

Pastor Gage Church is a student of Process Theology, which states that everything is in process; nothing ever stays the same. Continue reading →


We celebrate two sacraments. One is Baptism. The other is Holy Communion. Continue reading →


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